Blog coming to an end

After many years I’ve decided not to continue adding more posts to this blog.
Between having my first child and taking on a lot of new work I simply can’t find the time this blog requires to keep it up to date and useful to you guys.

Rather than just give it up entirely I’ve decided to move to social platforms exclusively (which should be easier to manage), namely the big 3:
Facebook –
Instagram –
Twitter –

Additionally I’m shifting my focus to a passion of mine, pixel art. I’ll be curating the best work I find from artists all over the world. I’ll be promoting new games in development as well as creating more of my own pixel art.

As for the more commercial side of my art, I have a business account under the name Graphics by Hand. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram and I am available for commissions.

I want to thank you all for your support over the years and I look forward to seeing you on social media as I continue to promote my love for 2D art.

– Doug


Categories: Game Art

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  1. Hey I added you on twiiter I run VoxOdyssey and we could easily work together contact me and we can see if it will work out I am all about pixel art and I am trying to make a community.


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