Rollback to previous versions of Adobe

I love Adobe and their impressive range of tools. I use more than a handful of them myself in my work. However, the unfortunate reality is that, from time to time, new versions of their software can be a bit buggy and not always backward compatible.
For example, with the recent release of the CC 2017 suite, I initially had issues with After Effects and file associations not working. This was fixed with a reinstall which was a little annoying, but solvable. There were however other issues which may require you to roll back to a previous version.

Often people aren’t aware of the advanced installation options which keep existing versions during updates, but there are ways to install previous versions as well. I’ll cover both methods here.

NB: These will require you to have the Creative Cloud Desktop App installed

Keep existing versions when updating

This is by far the simplest solution.
When updating an application follow these steps to keep your existing version as a backup.

  1. In Creative Cloud Desktop, under ‘Apps’ locate the app you wish to update and select ‘Update’
  2. When the next prompt appears, click ‘Advanced Options’
  3. Uncheck ‘Remove Old Versions’
  4. Select ‘Update’

Install old versions

If you forgot the above tip or weren’t aware of it, you can still install previous versions of each program by following these simple steps

  1. In Creative Cloud Desktop App, under ‘Apps’ scroll down to ‘Find Additional Apps’
  2. Next to this click ‘Filters and Versions’Filter & Versions
  3. In the drop-down menu there will be an option in blue ‘View Previous Versions’Find previous versions
  4. Click ‘Install’ next to the app you want and it will present a drop-down menu of versions you can installPrevious versions
  5. Select a version and it will start downloading immediately

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