10 simple mistakes indie devs should avoid

I know a lot of people hate this new “list” phase the net is going through recently, but I found this particular article to be a very honest and constructive list full of sound advice for any person or persons considering starting out as indie developers. Good advice is something a lot of newbie devs could do with to help balance their expectations. So many start up indie studios fail within the first few years and I personally feel that has a lot to do with the lack of marketing knowledge, business experience and unrealistic expectations for the end result.

A lot of the article is fairly obvious but I find the point form delivery gives each piece of advice the proper time and space to be considered and weighed before being either ignored or incorporated into your game development process.

You’ve called up your programmer buddy, your artist cousin, your uncle who makes chiptunes in his attic, and your neighbor who works marketing. You’re all sitting there in your garage, super excited to start your first indie game. But do you really know what you’re attempting? Every day, hundreds of indie game projects begin and end. You don’t want to be one of the many failed studios out there. Keep an eye out for these ten easy to spot mistakes that you should try and avoid to guarantee the success of your studio!

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(SOURCE: Indie Juice)


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