The Animator’s Survival Guide – Animated

Richard Williams Animation Masterclass presents The Animators Survival Kit Animated

I’m probably a little behind the bandwagon with this one but it’s still such a fantastic find I’m going to post about it anyway.
Wildebits was having a bit of an in-house game jam this weekend to explore an idea I had for another game.
I had been working on some animations and decided to take a break. As I often do, I re-read some of Powerhoof’s blog and found a link posted by Barney in the comments about a tool he uses to help him with animating his characters.


The link was to The Animator’s Survival Guide Animated, a 16-DVD box-set by Richard Williams.
It now comes in an interactive iPad app and although slightly more expensive than the apps you’d be used to, I already can vouch for it’s value. I’ve read a lot of animation books but this one was much easier to follow and understand and offered a lot more in the way of variety and tips on ‘breaking the rules’. In just one sitting I’ve already completely changed the way I think about my own work.
For those unsure of the price, there is also a smaller, free sample version available to try.

I recommend this for anyone starting to learn animation especially game artists. It is full of solid easy to navigate content, diagrams and videos. Without a doubt an invaluable tool for any animator.


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