Bits and Bites is LIVE!

We’ve finally released our game Bits and Bites on Game Jolt!

It’s taken us a while as we learned how to overcome some of Unity’s issues, and refined the game design to a point we think people will have fun without being overburdened by rules, controls or complex pick up systems.
We’ve had nearly 600 views of the game in just a couple of days and over 200 plays. Although we’re entirely realistic about the level of exposure and interest the game will have, we are hoping for lots of feedback to learn where we can improve and what we can expand upon to make the game even more fun.
We’ve also implemented a leaderboard through Game Jolt, so you’ll be able to compete with people from across the globe. We’ve already been knocked off the top spot haha! Beaten at our own game…

If you’re interested in playing the game, go to the game’s page on Game Jolt. Leave us a rating and/or a comment if you do. It’ll mean nothing to you but the world to us.


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