Game to Watch: Zombie Night Terror


Here’s another fantastic looking pixel art game coming soon to PC and Mac.
Zombie Night Terror is a lemmings-like game teeming with hordes of zombies craving for fresh meat. The aim is to lead your brainless army through various environments in order to annihilate all humans!

  • The game is set in a world plunged into darkness and where the dead has risen from the grave. The player have to lead hordes of undead in order to wreak havoc among human survivors.
  • The game uses Unity and is currently set to release on Windows and Mac Os – Linux might come later.
  • The aim is to publish an early access version of the game before the end of the year.
  • The game features a unique black & white pixel art style where the only color comes from spays of blood and limbs.
  • Multiple mutations are useable to overcome the various situations the player will encounter. It is even possible to combine some of them.
  • There are various environments full of deadly traps protecting the zombie favorite meals, Humans!
  • An in-game level editor allows anyone to create custom levels and share them with the community.

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