Experimental tech aims to bring sense of touch to virtual reality

A mysterious tech company popped up on Reddit’s Oculus page last night to answer questions about a device they say will introduce the sense of touch to virtual reality.

The Dexmo F2 is a single hand exoskeleton which, according to creators Dextra Robotics, can create the sense of touch in the thumb and forefinger within a virtual reality environment. Here’s how it works, according to the Reddit post.

“On the thumb and the index finger exoskeleton there are two additional piece of hardware that we invested a lot of time developing, called the force feedback unit(Duh..), which is essentially a miniaturized gear disk braking system. It works like this, when the avatar you are controlling hits an digital object, a signal is sent back via our SDK to Dexmo F2 and the small actuators actuates, brakes the joint and locks the exoskeleton. When you further bend your finger inwards, a normal force will be created on your fingertip.(FYI, this is patent pending in the state, and we got our very first patent for Dexmo approved in China).”
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