Artist of the Week: Octavi Navarro

I stumbled across this talented artist from Barcelona only an hour ago through a random Twitter post.

Octavi has an amazing ability to capture both emotion and atmosphere in each piece. Those who create pixel art will understand what a challenge that can be. His abilities are not restricted to pixel art however.

Octavi has a strong background as a children’s book illustrator and runs a well established studio called Nimau with partner Susana.

Check out the more from Octavi on his sites and contacts below:

@pixelshuh Twitter

@estudionimau Twitter

Pixels huh Red Bubble Store

Pixels, Huh? (Tumblr) – pixel art

Nimau – Illustration Studio

pixelshuh:</p> <p>"How I met your Grandfather"<br /> Pixel Art Illustration by Octavi Navarro.2014.

"Maybe we should go back…"<br /> Pixelart Illustration by Octavi Navarro. 2014.

Midnight Carnival.<br /> This is the first in a long line of pixel art dioramas. Stay tuned for more!<br />


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