Game Dev Tips for Aspiring Indie Developers


I stumbled across this site today and I thought I should post a link to it so you can have a look as well. Pixel Prospector contains some useful information about game development, marketing, the various software available and links to asset resources including art, music, sound and fonts.

A lot of it you may have heard before but it’s still worth a read.
As far as I’m concerned, anyone who says they know everything about game development in today’s market is either a fool or full of crap. Never stop learning! Resources like this are incredibly valuable. Even if you only pick up one useful tip or discover an interesting point of view, it’s all beneficial and contributes to your growth as a developer.

The site looks like it is still in development and I expect that it will be added to as time goes on. I like the idea of a single go-to site that has all the info you’ll need. I’m looking forward to seeing what gets added next.


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  1. Pixel Prospector is a really awesome website. I love using it and there’s tons of awesome advice.

    The owner has regularly been updating it and there’s always something new being added.

    Definitely worth checking out!


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