Bits and Bits Screenshot Update

We’re learning a lot as we develop this game and our ideas often change to make the game more user friendly, or better looking, or better designed overall.

Last night we made one such change. This time we’ve decided that although the multiple cacti weapons look good visually, they detracted from the gameplay experience and designed us into a corner, preventing us from customising the scene and Ralph.

Our solution was to remove them entirely and instead used the hats we mentioned in our last post. Many of the hats will be entirely cosmetic, but some will serve as weapon upgrades as well. For example, the clown hat/mask will shoot hacky sacks which have a reduced range but slightly more damage, and the 10 Gallon hat will shoot 45mm bullets with a long range and double damage.

Using hats with an ammo cooldown instead of fueling weapons with cacti means that we can add more unlockable scenery, enemies, obstacles and hats. Cacti appearing in the snow or in a forest just seemed too unbelievable (yes in a game about shooting poo as a weapon, we know how that sounds).

HAT_Clown_ANIM HAT_10Gallon_ANIM

and just for you Andy Gibson, a fez!


As a teaser we’ve added another screenshot. It might look the same but in this one you’ll notice the addition of chests (which reward 100 coins), the simplification of the stomach HUD (which may still yet change slightly), the removal of the pit obstacle and all cacti except the stereotypical green cactus which now serves as another obstacle to avoid. As you can tell, the game is focusing on simplification and customisation.


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