Pixel Art Tutorial: Isometric Corner Techniques

Part 3: The Two Types

1. There are two ways to approach isometric graphics, 1st is the 3 pixel corner (see type 1). This method uses 3 pixels in the forward corners and creates a neater box slightly more pleasing to the eye.

isometric pixelart

2. The 2nd method does not use 3 pixels in each forward corner instead it uses the 1up 2 across method in the entire construction (see type 2).

isometric pixelart

3. If you wish to tile the Type 1 box to make a larger image you will get ugly jagged edges when placing 2 3 pixel corner boxes next to each other.

isometric pixelart

4. Therefore the method described in step 2 is recommended if you wish to tile boxes to make a larger shape.

isometric pixelart

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