Geek Gadgets: The Touch Screen Stylus

There are a lot of tablet stylus options out there for artists , but rather than discussing all of them, I’m just going to mention 2 that I’ve used and found to be both responsive and comfortable.

Addonit Jot Touch

Its predecessors, the Jot Classic and Jot Pro, used a fine tip surrounded by a transparent precision disc. It was more accurate than rubber nib styluses, responsive, and comfortable in the hand, but still felt clumsy and fragile.

The Jot Touch however, is much sleeker and offers a whole lot more.
Let’s talk about the options first. Like the Wacom Styluses for Intuos Pro and Cintiq tablets, this new model offers shortcut buttons* that help make tools and functions more easily accessible.
The palm rejection functionality* is especially welcome as it prevents any accidental bumping of the canvas while drawing.
It also comes with a USB charger with a charge time of around 1.5 hours and a battery life of 11 hours (around 1 month in sleep mode).

However, the tip is is the most notable addition to the Adonit Jot series. The new 3.18mm disc -free tip utilizes Adonit’s Pixelpoint Technology. What excited me most was hearing that the Jot Touch has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity*, allowing artists to paint with more natural flowing brush strokes and lines. This function is long overdue!

Although worth the money the Jot Touch is expensive, setting you back a whopping $119.99USD.

*Requires iOS device with Bluetooth 4 such as iPad 3, iPad4, iPad Mini and iPad Mini – Retina

Sensu Brush and Stylus

The Sensu Brush and Stylus is a whole different kettle of fish. Although it offers the standard rubber nib that so many tablet styluses do, it’s real point of interest is its advanced hair technology, which uses synthetic hair infused with conductive properties. This technology is currently being developed for use in the cosmetic industry.
This stylus comes in at an affordable $39.99USD and is a great addition to any digital artist’s tool set.



Sensu also offer a cheaper version without the stlyus called the Sensu Solo for $29.99USD (a great option if you already own a stylus and want to save $10).


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