Indie Game: Transmigration – Into Darkness Peering

This is an interesting title I came across a couple of weeks ago.
I immediately fell in love with the art style and the atmosphere.

Rather than butcher the game’s synopsis, I’ll let the talented guys at Transhuman Design explain it to you:


In Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering you will assume the role of Joseph – not the most cheerful fellow, who likes to add a bit of wine magic to reality. Because a 9-5 existence is sometimes hard to bear for a “could have been”. He also has trouble sleeping… and letting go of the past. There are days when he considers visiting that Transmigration Clinic they’ve opened nearby… And if he does, maybe he’ll get a chance to try again?

Transmigration grew from the need to create something quite different and a bit personal – it’s a game about depression, friendship, weird dreams and dark humour. We’d like to inspire people and try to push the medium forward a little bit. Whether we manage to do it or not – we’d like to try.


Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering is the first story-driven game by Transhuman Design – a team led by Michał Marcinkowski, known for such multiplayer titles as King Arthur’s Gold and Soldat. It’s being developed by a new division of the company focusing on single-player experiences.


  •  No 3D environments
  • No upgradeable weapons
  • No destructible terrain
  • A beautiful, rain-soaked world
  • An unusual protagonist
  • An engaging, story-driven experience
  • Plague Doctors, ravens and dreamy therapeutic sessions


Mac OS X, Windows. After releasing the game for these operating systems we will consider porting it to other platforms.

Release Date

When it’s done. Well, okay, the current plan is to release Act I in Q1 2015.


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