Indie Games: Hammerwatch

A hack and slash action adventure, set in a fantasy pixel art environment. Play solo or co-op in this adventure from bottom to top of Castle Hammerwatch. Kill hordes of enemies with varied looks and features through four unique environments with traps, hidden secrets and puzzles.

I was first introduced to this glorious jewel by my business partner George.
We’ve spent quite a few hours clearing these pixelated dungeons together and I am happy to say we will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Created by Jochum Skoglund and Niklas Myberg of Crackshell, Hammerwatch doesn’t push the boundaries of gaming in any major way but what it does, it does extremely well.
The balance of enemies vs class abilities and upgrades is almost perfect. The dungeon designs are creative and varied (although you do have to punch through the first few levels to see dungeon designs evolve).
The art is phenomenal with a multitude of optional filters and shader effects available in settings.

Most of all I love the satisfaction I get from collecting gold, creating combos and the delightful squish of monsters, bugs and slugs under boot as you slowly upgrade your abilities.

You can pick up a copy of Hammerwatch for $9.99USD on Steam here.


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