Figure and Gesture Drawing

In the past I’ve had the fortune to attend the regular Monday evening life drawing sessions held at the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney. The entry fee is almost negligible and the models are very skilled and professional.
You’ll find a wide variety of artists attending. Some of them are experienced and like me, work full time as artists or designers. Others are amateurs practising their skills and then there are a few newcomers dipping their toes for the first time.
I’ve also been blessed with being able to hire a model privately, which gave me vastly greater control over poses and the length of time I was able to sketch. She was extremely professional and friendly and her rates were more than reasonable.

Being busy with game production however, I’ve been unable to dedicate any time or money to the art. I intend to rectify this in the coming months (if time permits), but in the meantime, some online sources have been very useful and I thought I should pass them on to you guys.

The first is a guy named Mario Henry Chakkour who created the Virtual Pose book + DVD series, which offered fantastic Quicktime VR movies where you could rotate models in real time.

The other is a free online resource here and is is brilliant in its simplicity.
You basically choose your desired sex, pose, level of nudity and length of time and it’s like having a life drawing class with a warm up and everything!
They also have similar resources for hands and feet, facial expressions and animals.


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  1. I am so excited you like my figure drawing tools enough to write about them. It feels amazing to know that something I made is helping real people out in the wide world. 🙂 Thanks for including them in your blog!


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