Pixel Art Tutorials – Intro


It seems a lot of people are asking me to put up some tutorials on pixel art.
I’ve noticed there are way too many “tutorials” on how to paint high quality pixel art and very few of them even come close to being worth the read.

So I endeavour to post a series of tutorials, broken down into 3 major categories: Shape, Detail and Colour. I also plan on posting animation tutorials at a later date, where I’ll go over the basics of GIF animation and the creation of sprites and sprite sheets for game development.

But who the hell am I and why do I think I know better? A fair question.
I’ve been making pixel art since I was 10. The early days were spent on MS Paint, which for all intents and purposes back then was a powerful pixel art painting tool. It started as fairly grotesque imagery. I turned the well-known yellow smiley face into a character with arms and legs and proceeded to kill him in a variety of different ways (I was drawing a lot of gory, supernatural stuff at the time. Some say that’s typical boy stuff but I’m sure my parents were concerned).

Later I started to paint wallpapers for my Dad’s computer at work, this time I would create picturesque towns with green hills in the background. I found the process immensely satisfying. I actually think that is what started me on the path as a digital artist.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been working in the games industry as an artist.
I am currently the art lead for Stick Sports (creators of Stick Cricket and Stick Tennis to name a couple) and the co-founder of Wildebits, a new indie game dev based in Australia.

Hopefully you come back to have a read, learn a few things and even offer some thoughts and experiences of your own.
I may be good at what I do, but there will always be someone even better. A wise person knows to listen and learn from the best and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

ETA on the first tutorial will be this weekend.


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