A Drop in the Ocean

I haven’t posted about this before now simply because for a while I wasn’t sure there was going to be anything worth reporting. Perhaps I was just playing it safe, keeping my excitement in due bounds until I was certain.

Whatever the case, I can now officially state that in the last year I was approached by a programmer from QLD to make games and that we are now doing just that.

We have 2 games currently in development, both for iOS and Android, the first of which should hopefully be out in the next few months.

We’re targeting the mobile platform initially because of its wide reach, broad market and diverse catalog.
We may very likely release one of these games and any future game on platforms like Steam as well due to the fantastic support of both Valve and the indie fanbase.

I can’t say much more than that at the moment but when I can, expect many more posts and opportunities for you to provide feedback so that we can improve our work to enhance the experience of our games.

Watch this space!


Categories: Game Development

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