Illustration: Vector or Raster?

So I’ve been experimenting lately with different illustration techniques. I’m really trying to refine my style to a point where I can tell the story without over working the design.
As most artists and illustrators know, the end result is a combination of skills and the tools you choose to utilise them.
The question for me is always ” which tool for the job?”

I come from a gaming (slots and gambling) industry background producing illustration, UI assets (menus and buttons etc), and character design. For years we primarily used Adobe illustrator because of the advantages it provided in resizing art across multiple platforms and screens while retaining image crispness. It was also particularly handy in quickly creating finished, high quality art assets and designing interfaces.

Recently however, we’ve started using Adobe Photoshop as well (much to my delight), because the industry has been moving in that direction. Competitors are now relying on high quality, realistic looking art as much as they rely on gameplay mechanics to sell their products.
This is where Illustrator is at a disadvantage. Although capable of producing great results, ultimately it is far too time consuming and difficult to edit and can feel too sterile compared to the more natural brushes and organic work flow of Photoshop.
This is not to diminish it any way. Illustrator in my opinion is highly versatile and an invaluable tool when creating more stylised cartoon work, designing patterns, interfaces and working with type and fonts.

Although I’m not a big fan of the gaming industry, being a part of it has given me a surprising amount of freedom to explore different techniques and expand my illustrative skills.
I’m still experimenting and finding new ways to use the wide variety of tools at my disposal and I’d love to hear from you guys on your own preferences. What programs do you use for illustration? Do you use a combination like me and if so how?

Also, for those interested, you can check out my work on the company’s Facebook app Slots Central


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  1. Illustrator is the world heavyweight champion for drawing and creating something out of nothing, photoshop is the undisputed heavy champion ins editing and manipulating anything you can call .jpg,.png etc.


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